The activity of the maintenance company Ecc Gounani revolves around five (05) closely related trades. We are specialists in industrial boiler making, erection of metal structures, insulation, piping, advice and expertise. This last skill is transversal and is found in all of our commitments to our customers.


The boiler is the trades which comprise manufacturing equipment, from metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper, sheet, tubes and profiles. The mission of the sheet metal worker is divided into three main stages.


This operation is carried out within the design office of Ecc Gounani or by the client who provides the drawing of the object to be manufactured.

Monitoring on site

Ecc Gounani assures with its specialized teams the assembly on site when the product is large.

Production and maintenance

After installing the final product, Ecc Gounani undertakes to maintain and repair the finished product.


Ecc Gounani has been designing, manufacturing, optimizing and assembling metal structures and buildings for over 25 years.

Efficient teams carry out the different types of metal constructions from the simplest to the most complicated.

The metal construction unit has the skills necessary to develop fire engineering applied to metal constructions to enable customers to make the structures more stable and stable in the face of fire.

This unit “is also able to offer customers mixed metal / wood / concrete solutions for the best construction option and choice of the appropriate material.

The metal construction pole also offers economical and rapid assembly solutions with specific profiles.


Ecc gounani ensures the sound or acoustic insulation of the infrastructures and

their sealing with air and water for safety and quality reasons that are a priority for

the industry.

We strongly advise our industrial customers to use industrial piping systems

(whether fluid, gas or water circulation), to ventilation or even the boiler to make a heating system.

The benefits are huge Apart from the safety of installations and energy savings, thermal insulation helps protect equipment. Inadequately insulated pipes deteriorate quickly.

The construction of a heating system guarantees the protection of  the personnel

working or circulating  in the vicinity of these facilities.

Heating in the midst of global warming is considered a responsible ecological act.



Ecc Gounani realizes piping networks which conduct liquid or gaseous, corrosive or explosive fluids etc., at more or less high temperatures and pressures. The piping mainly concerns the   construction of industrial sites.

This discipline approaches industrial boiler making and is based on welding as a fundamental activity.
As a professional pipefitter, Ecc Gounani works on two levels:
Preparation of pipe sections
First, we manage the prefabrication in the workshop, from plans, the sections of piping, which will then be assembled on site.

Assembly and assembly of pipes on the production site
Once on site, Ecc Gounani will have to assemble the assemblies which have been prefabricated in the workshop.


Ecc Gounani takes charge, through its engineering office; design and execution studies for metal construction works and in a mixed concrete-steel structure.
Our experience in studies, advice and expertise allows us to ensure our clients mastery of all the technical, financial and specific requirements of the entire project.

Our company is equipped with calculation tools and business software.
Our frameworks offer sustainable, reliable and achievable solutions within well-studied deadlines.